Are you planning to sell your home? You might have remodeled it to attract buyers. But passing the home inspection test is a crucial part of real estate transactions. You want to sell your house fast for cash, but getting a green signal from a buyer is a challenging task. Though the property seems fine and well-maintained, you can never forecast what a buyer’s inspector will think.

Being prepared for the home inspection day is necessary to sell your property fast. You must know your buyer and home inspector’s possible queries and the infrastructural amenities they might be looking for in a residential apartment. 

Well! The customer wants to buy a house in Corpus Christi, Tx; they will look at nooks and crannies. Renovating your home is necessary to impress buyers. Every seller has one motive, “Sell my house fast Corpus Christi“! But most of them receive negative feedback from home inspectors.   

What to Expect from Inspection? 

A home inspector must be professionally trained to examine various elements in your home that you may have overlooked. According to findings from Porch, 86% of buyers who used a home inspection said that their inspector identified at least one problem that should be addressed.  But, don’t worry! Here are some checklists put forth by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) you must review to renovate your home for fast selling. 

  • Roof & Foundation

40% of Building-Related Problems Are Directly Related to Water Intrusion & Damage. 

Before you put the board “property for sale,” ensure the roof and foundation structure is in good shape. Although you cannot sell a perfect home, checking the safety and roof’s longevity and structural integrity are necessary to convince buyers. Home inspectors look for leaks and usual wear and tear in roofs.  

  • Electrical System 

Jeff Glover, a top-selling real estate agent in the Detroit, Michigan area with 16 years of experience, said that one out of every 40 or 50 homes he lists needs an electrical home inspection.

The home electrical structure is a crucial part of the inspection checklist. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, failure in the electrical system is one reason for home fires. So home inspectors are highly careful about wiring structures. So every seller needs to recheck the electrical wiring to pass the inspection test.    

  • Home windows

Statistics indicate that about 10% of a home’s air leakage occurs at its windows. 

Air leakage, wood frame damage, wood pane damage, opening, and closing problems are easily identifiable issues that can be understood at a glance. Good windows promote the seller’s value. So make sure the windows in your home are presentable before you invite the buyer’s home inspector to evaluate your home. 

  •  Plumbing system & water heater

Minor plumbing leaks, which can use up to 90 gallons of water every day, are present in 10% of homes.

The plumbing issue is an annoying maintenance problem for buyers. Most of the buyers demand a robust plumbing infrastructure. And they take a keen interest in inspecting the plumbing structure inside the home since maintenance becomes complicated and expensive if bought.

These are the basic amenities every resident needs to live comfortably in a home. Slight negligence on these facilities will cost extra expense and safety issues to the buyers. Every seller should prioritize their home remodeling list to verify the functionality of these significant amenities. 

Sellers can Benefit From Inspection 

The home inspector takes a look at the property and makes notes of the condition for buyers. In most cases, the inspector provides you with an exact copy to address issues that need serious maintenance. 

Getting negative feedback should be taken as a learning period to modify your home according to the buyers’ standards. This will help you get more buyers and increase the pricing standards according to the market value. You are getting a free inspection of your home. Use it wisely to raise the revamp of what needs to be fixed.

Have a Home Inspector on Board to Solve Issues Before Hand

Before the buyer’s inspector comes to your home and assesses your property, it’s better to have a preliminary evaluation from your side.

Hire a home inspector and find renovation requirements for your home. Buyers mostly use the inspection report to demand a price drop. This can be eliminated by pre-listing the maintenance and getting it done before finding buyers. 

Moreover, pre-evaluation helps you control the sale by gaining confidence to list your property in the market. You can show your buyer evaluation report to convince them and eliminate negotiation on price and maintenance.  

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Discovering the best possible way to prepare your home for the real estate market is necessary to grab a sale. Hiring a real estate agent can be helpful to get an expert opinion in staging your home for sale. 

Find Your Partner to Sell Your Property 

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