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The GrahamBelle Group is a Corpus Christi-based real estate investment company who believes that heaven exists right here in South Texas. Owners Keith and DeeAnna Heavilin have lived in Corpus Christi for over a decade, and they love every square inch of its sandy beaches, wide open farmland, active downtown neighborhoods, and Gulf views. As small business owners and actively involved community members, Keith and DeeAnna wanted to build a business that would help grow the community. Something their children, Graham and Annabelle, could one day take over and continue to develop for the city’s evolving needs and personality. Inspired by the recent revitalization efforts in downtown Corpus Christi, they thought, why not expand this revitalization movement into residential areas, too? So much of Corpus Christi’s distinctive charm lives in the diverse architectural designs of its residential properties, and they know that’s worth showcasing!

So, Keith and DeeAnna founded the GrahamBelle Group, a real estate investment company dedicated to giving struggling Corpus Christi homes the makeover of their lives. The GrahamBelle Group offers a fast, competitive home-selling opportunity for people who need to sell their home quickly, and then renovates and upgrades that house into the very best very of itself. The GrahamBelle Group’s mission is to help Corpus Christians in need, enhance our diverse neighborhoods, drive a competitive real estate market, and show home buyers why Corpus Christi is the best place to plant their roots.

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Giving Back to Corpus Christi

Life happens. Sometimes you need to sell a house fast. We buy homes for cash to make the selling process as pain-free as possible. And unlike other companies that buy houses, we put people first. Why? Because it breaks our hearts to see our fellow Corpus Christians struggling, and a home should never be a burden. It should be a sanctuary. We strive to alleviate the burden of owning a home you can’t hold onto by providing a quick and easy home-selling experience. Then, we create a silver lining. By partnering with the very best local contractors and renovators, we give these homes a good pampering and list them on the home market. Why? Because we believe in the potential of Corpus Christi’s diverse properties, and we are absolutely in love with our city and want everyone else to fall in love with it, too!


Help local homeowners in need by offering a quick & competitive home-selling option.


Highlight the natural beauty of Corpus Christi’s residential properties….old and new!


Contribute to local revitalization efforts by breathing new life into overlooked homes.

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