If you’re considering buying or selling a home in the Coastal Bend area, there are many factors to consider in making a big move. North Padre Island Real Estate is a thriving market, and Corpus Christi is seeing economic growth as never before.

1. The Market is On the Rise

Home values in Corpus Christi, Texas have continued to increase steadily for several years. According to Zillow, Corpus Christi home values have increased by 9.6% over the past year and are predicted to rise 10.7% in the next year. 

For homeowners looking to make a return on their investment this means that it is an ideal time to selling a home for cash. Real Estate in our community, including North Padre Island Community near Port Aransas, is a thriving industry and enables residents to relocate without the looming shadow of a slow housing market holding them back. For residents looking to cash out on a house, the housing market is right for it.

What does this mean for home buyers? Since the Real Estate Market in the Coastal Bend area is on the rise, this is a prime time to invest in Texas real estate. U-Haul data shows that Texas as the Number 2 state in the nation for move-ins. It seems that everyone wants a piece of the Friendship State! Our community in Corpus Christi is the top place to move to in our list because we pair that Texan hospitality with a laid-back coastal culture. 

2. Island Living Offers a Laid Back Culture Paired with a Growing Economy

Living in Corpus Christi offers proximity to gorgeous beaches and a general sentiment of “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” Having a home on one of the surrounding areas such as North Padre Island offers closer proximity to sweeping ocean views and hatching baby sea turtles. As island residents, the GrahamBelle team can attest to the wonderful perks of living in a relaxed community and tie-free work environment. 

The Coastal Bend area is much more than a community of laid-back beach-goers, however. The Port of Corpus Christi has contributed to a thriving economy and numerous opportunities for work in the area. Living near a port offers a great diversity of cultures, delicious restaurants, and entertainment options in the area. Several large energy companies in the area have developed near the port. While they capitalize on transportation benefits, these companies increase the economic growth in the area as well. For those considering a move to the Coastal Bend, you can view our homes for sale. To capitalize on the perks of island living, get in touch with the GrahamBelle team for more information.

3. Selling a House in Corpus Christi is Easier than Ever

A steady increase in the Corpus Christi real estate market means that it’s an ideal time to capitalize on your investment by selling a house. Or maybe you have a property that is a burden or needs to be sold fast for cash. You can always sell a house in Corpus Christi with the GrahamBelle Group’s fast and painless selling process. We buy any property and handle the heavy lifting involved in renovation and selling. This means that you can make cash fast on a house that would potentially sit on the market for months.

Buying or selling, it’s a great time to make a change in the realm of real estate. The Corpus Christi market isn’t overly hot or saturated like larger cities in Texas, like Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio. Our team specializes in purchasing any home. We help our clients to capitalize on their assets that could otherwise become a burden. For example, anyone going through a difficult situation such as a divorce, loss of a loved one, or someone stuck with a fixer upper can get a fair cash offer for their house more easily than ever. 

With a healthy economy and gorgeous living environment, Corpus Christi offers advantages to those looking into the real estate market. To learn more about quickly buying or selling a home near the Coastal Bend, get in touch with the Graham Belle team today.