The housing market can be a tempestuous beast, and navigating the complicated paperwork and processes of home-selling can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to sell your house in a hurry. 

That’s why selling your home for cash can make a big difference. In fact, selling your house to a cash buyer is a rising trend in the US for many reasons. Here are 6 reasons (in no particular order) to consider selling your house for cash:

1. Quick And Easy Process

Selling your house for cash is a really smart option if you’re in a situation where you need to sell quickly. Perhaps you are moving last-minute, or you need to liquidate some assets. Whatever the reason, your house has real value, and selling it can be a fast and safe solution to any number of challenges that life throws your way.

2. You Keep All The Money

Cash deals don’t require real estate agents to facilitate the sale — the sale is facilitated directly between the buyer and seller. This means that  you don’t have to hand over a large percentage of your sale to an agent, and every penny of the sale price (minus tax, of course) goes straight into your pocket. Plus, when you sell your house for cash to the GrahamBelle Group, you actually save yourself thousands of dollars because you don’t have to pay realtor commission fees (they average around 6%…that’s $9,000 for a $150,000 house!), and you skip all the closing costs. 

3. No Home Repairs Required

Sometimes the most exhausting part of selling a house is getting it “ready” for the market. It’s easy to find yourself spending countless hours and thousands of dollars repairing or updating a home you’re not even going to be living in. Spending money to make money, but at what emotional and physical cost? 

With a cash sale, the GrahamBelle Group will buy your home as-is. No repairs required. Cash for keys, and you never have to worry about that leaky faucet, outdated paneling, or wall-to-wall carpeting again. 

4. Less Chance Of Your Buyer Getting Cold Feet

Cash sales move much more quickly than sales involving bank loans. In fact, the average purchase loan takes more than 40 days to close, while a cash sale with the GrahamBelle Group takes no more than 3 weeks. This works in the seller’s favor because buyers don’t have weeks on end to have second thoughts, get cold feet, or have their loan denied by the bank. And when you work with the GrahamBelle Group, we work quickly to quote you a price, schedule a home inspection, and make you a firm cash offer you can count on.

5. No Showings

Keeping your house showroom-ready and herding the kids and the pets to get out of the house on a moment’s notice for a surprise showing is a huge pain! It’s stressful. You’re always on-guard, you have to take down all your personal family photos, you feel like you can’t relax in your own home…the point is: showings are super stressful for home sellers. 

Here’s the good news: With cash sales, there are no showings. In fact the entire selling process is incredibly simplified — quote, inspection, offer. The GrahamBelle Group will schedule one of our inspectors to visit and evaluate your home at a time that is convenient for you. 

6. No Contingency Clauses

Housing contracts are just riddled with tricky clauses and fine print that protect buyers but can cause sellers a lot of anxiety and trouble. If you’ve sold a home before, you may have seen clauses such as “Offer is only valid if the buyer’s current home sells within three months” or “Offer is only good if the inspection doesn’t turn up a cracked foundation.” Contingent real estate sales can have up to a 10% chance of falling out of contract, and if it happens to you, that’s a huge obstacle to overcome as a seller, especially if you are trying to sell on a deadline. 

Thinking About Selling Your Home? 

Here’s Why The GrahamBelle Group Is Your Ideal Buyer

When you sell to the GrahamBelle Group, you can count on cold hard cash in your hand quickly and with very little stress. We buy your house outright, without the need for lender financing. 

Why Does The GrahamBelle Group Buy Houses For Cash?

As a Corpus Christi-based real estate group, the GrahamBelle Group is dedicated to taking the stress out of home-selling for people in a tight spot. We are long-time Corpus Christi residents and small business owners, and we love this city and the community. It frustrates us to see our friends and neighbors feel stuck when they have to sell quickly but get caught up in the long and stressful process of loan-based home-selling. 

Yes, this is a business, but it’s also our way of giving back to the community. Corpus Christi is currently on the upward climb of a massive revitalization effort from Downtown to Padre Island. Led by the Downtown Management District, new businesses are repurposing old, abandoned buildings to bring trendy and new bars, restaurants, offices, and apartments to our city. The old Ritz Theater is being remodeled, an abandoned gas station became a popular cocktail patio bar, and Artesian Park recently benefited from a gorgeous landscape and architectural update. The goal? To show off our sparkling city by the sea! 

But what about the residential areas? Revitalization isn’t just about drawing in tourists for a night or two — it’s about showing out-of-towners why our city is the place they should plant roots. Corpus Christi has so many uniquely architectured and storied homes. When we purchase a house, we work hard to repair and update it to the best version of itself, and list it for sale to drive Corpus’ real estate market and attract new residents to our city. Your home means a lot to you. And we want to honor that by giving it new life. 

What Does Selling To The GrahamBelle Group Look Like?

Our process is simple and fast. We know you’re on a tight schedule, and we want to help you get your cash and move on with your life. 

1. Request A Quote

Provide a few basic points of information about your home, and our professionals will put together a quote for you.

2. Schedule A Home Inspection

No showings, remember? Just a one-time home inspection by one of our inspectors. Don’t worry about cleaning up or making repairs — our inspectors will evaluate the property as-is so you don’t have to spend any more money or energy on your home before you sell. 

3. Get A Firm Cash Offer

We’ll make you a firm cash offer and get the paperwork going! No commissions, no closing costs, just cash in your hand within three weeks! 

Interested in learning more or ready to get a quote? Contact the GrahamBelle Group today!