Are you thinking can I sell my house for cash? That’s a great choice. However, sell your house fast for cash can be, at times, a tough task, especially if you are a first-time seller. You might get confused over the sale price, stressed because of the paperwork, tired over the sale duration, and so on. Thankfully, a good idea about the process of selling your house and the time taken to sell it can help you sail through the process at ease. 

Being one of the most trustworthy and efficient real-estate companies in Corpus Christi, The Grahambelle Group can help you sell your house for cash without any hassle. We buy houses for cash, which enables you to close the deals within no time.

In this blog, you can find out more about the process involved in selling a house for cash, the duration for sale, factors that affect the sale of your house, and the benefits of selling your house for cash. 

The Process of Selling your Home

The entire process of selling your home will finish within four steps as given below:

1. Submit your Address and Request for a Quote

If you wish to sell your house fast for cash in Corpus Christi, firstly give us some details of your property. Our expert agents will do comprehensive research and schedule a visit to your house for inspection.  

2. Home Inspection

Our team will carry out a professional home inspection to evaluate the current condition of your property and figure out a strong offer for your property in cash. 

3. Review our Cash Offer

You can review the offer put forward by our team and inform us about your decision for further steps.

4. Close the Deal

If you are ok with the offer put forward by us, you can simply close the deal within two weeks. We charge no commissions or additional closing costs from you during the process.

Will selling a house for cash take a long time?

Most people say that selling a house is pretty stressful. Confusions occur in the minds of the seller throughout the process and cause delays in the sale. On average, it would take more than a month to sell your house for cash. 

Factors that affect the speed of your sale are:

  • The price asked
  • Market conditions and competition
  • Condition of your house
  • Location of your house
  • Economic factors and showing criteria 

However, if you sell your house to a company, the whole process will end within a short period. They will help you with all the necessary procedures within a span as short as seven days. 

Benefits of Selling your House for Cash

People sell their houses for cash for reasons like relocation, job change, property inheritance, tenant-related issues, divorce, or separation of family members, and so on. Selling a house for cash is always beneficial for the buyer as it not only makes the entire process fast but is comparatively hassle-free. Some other benefits of selling your house for cash rather than selling on the open market are given below:

1. Low risk of losing the Deal

One of the factors that cause a delay in the sale of your home is the falling of the deal. Sell houses for cash to The Grahambelle Group, which helps you ensure that the deal is wrapped up in the shortest time.

2. No hidden charges

While selling your house for cash, you can get a clear offer from the buyer. It cuts down the chances of paying commissions, unexpected fees, taxes, and costs of preparing your houses for staging. 

3. No need for home renovations or repairs

We buy houses as it is and do not want the house owners to renovate or repair the houses. We offer a fair price based on the existing condition of the house and take care of the renovation and repairs once the deal is closed. Even if your house is in very poor condition or has been vacant for some time, we will buy it.

4. Saves time of showing houses

With The Grahambelle Group, you need not waste your time preparing your house for staging and showing it to potential buyers. Everything gets done by our expert team and all you have to do is accept our cash offer and close the deal.

5. The whole process finishes within a few convenient steps

Unlike the paperwork and time required for sale in the open market, selling your house for cash helps you sell your house within no time. Follow the four steps mentioned above and finish the business in a span of seven days. 

Sell your House fast with Expert Help

Want to sell your house for cash quickly? Connect with our expert team and sell your house fast for cash in Corpus Christi.  We purchase a wide range of properties in all conditions and help you sell your house fast for cash without any hassle.