When it comes to real estate, data reveals that the warmer spring months are the best time to put your home for sale on the market. The winter holiday season, which runs from November through January, is often considered an inappropriate time for putting the “FOR SALE” sign on your door. The reason is quite simple; people are busy enjoying the festivities and planning their holiday. Where is the time to go home-hunting? The trend is to wrap-up purchasing a new home during spring so that there is sufficient time to settle before the new academic year commences. 

What if the situation is not in your favor? What if you can’t wait until spring to get your house up for sale? Although the thought of selling your home in the Christmas holidays may hamper your holiday spirit, if your wish this Christmas is to have a buyer for your home, you can make your wish come true. There’s nothing to worry about! If you want to buy a house in Corpus Christi, TX during winter, The GrahamBelle Group is here to assist you. We buy houses in Corpus Christi for cash. So if you want quick rewards, contact us immediately.

We give you a few reasons to sell your home over the holiday’s:

  • 1. Lesser Competition

The holiday season does have its benefits; provided you stage your home in the best manner. We have some tips for you on how to show your house to buyers so that it instantly clicks. You will deal with serious buyers during this time of the year, who are willing to close the deal. With the low inventory, you are less likely to get into a bidding war, letting you demand a higher price. With fewer homes on the market, the competition will be less intense. If you play your cards right, you might be able to sell your house much faster than what you might have in spring.

  • 2. More Serious Buyers

During the winter season, you won’t see people just popping in to see homes without a definite goal. If someone is looking at your home at this time of the year, they are serious and ready to buy your house. That’s what you want! A quick deal! When homes are staged during spring, people often check homes just for the sake of it as a pastime.

People get notified during the year-end that they will be moving due to a job transfer or sometimes they might get an offer from another firm that’s too good to be true. For such movers, finding a new home would be their priority. These buyers can’t wait till spring to buy a home, which is why they will have to start searching for their residence during the holiday season. 

Reducing the property tax bill could be another reason why serious buyers intend to purchase homes during the winter break. If a sale closes on or before December 31, the buyers can reduce the property taxes, mortgage interest, and interest costs of the loan. Although the new tax laws have set limitations on the deductions, the tax benefit the buyer can procure would entice them to purchase a property during winter rather than wait for spring.

  • 3. Warm and Comfy feel

A warm and cozy home can seem more inviting to your buyers; especially, when they have fought the chill to inspect your home. Light the fireplace to crank up the heat, play soothing music and welcome them with the fresh fragrance of baked cakes and cookies for a homey vibe that attracts most buyers. During spring, there are a lot of visitors to homes that are up for sale. With so much foot traffic, it might get difficult for the buyer to thoroughly walk-through your home. The more time they spend in your home, there are more chances of them admiring your home’s best features.

We do not deny that when autumn creeps in, maintaining your home exterior is more tedious as the trees start to lose their leaves. So, spice up your home exterior to cover up for the bare trees; paint the walls, clean the gutters, and spruce up the yard. Keeping the driveway and sidewalk clear of snow and leaves can help enhance the home’s curb appeal.We know that homes look the best during the festive season. A word of caution! Don’t adorn your home with too many decorations that are too large. It will lead to unnecessary overcrowding, distracting the buyer. The more comfortable they feel in your home, the more they will crave to own it. It will increase the chances of the buyer deciding on the spot and thus making the sale quicker. You won’t even have to tell the buyer, “buy my house.”

  • 4. Neighborhoods are more enticing

Some buyers may be on the fence about buying a home in certain neighborhoods. During the festive season, most homes are decorated with festive lights and wreaths. Since the neighborhood would appear bright and cheerful, it might make the buyers change their perspective. 

They say that buying a home is in several ways an emotional decision rather than a practical one. People who are home-shopping during this time of the year would be rather inclined towards the emotional aspect of buying a home. What harm does it cause if there are plenty of triggers to tug on their heartstrings, reeling them in from an emotional angle?

  • 5. Make use of technology

We know how unpredictable the weather can become, isn’t it? When the weather outside may not be conducive, buyers might want to shortlist a few homes for visiting just by browsing for viable options from the internet. Create an impactful impression by uploading top-notch, high-quality pictures of your home. You can add extra photos of the spring and summer season, to let the buyers get a feel of the home in the other months.

The inclement weather and vacation plans might deter the buyer pool from physically visiting homes. You can save house-hunters some time and effort by shooting a video tour and posting it on the internet so that they can get a glimpse of your house from the comfort of their home.

Wrapping up

It is better to list your home on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday rather than Monday and Friday as it may get much more market attention. And a listing just after a major holiday like Thanksgiving can be an even better idea. Just relax and enjoy this special time with your family and friends! You can always wait a few more months if you can’t find a buyer for your home.If you are among those who believe that you will not get a fair price for your home or that your home will languish forever on the market, then it’s time to change your mind. The GrahamBelle Group, a real estate company offers quick home-selling opportunities with competitive prices for all those in a hurry to sell their homes. But before you list your home, know about the real estate market in Corpus Christi. What are you waiting for? Contact us right now if you wish to tell us: “sell my house for cash.”