It is strange but true; sensations have a strong influence on our decision-making without us even realizing it. In other words, our senses play a poignant role when it comes to processing our emotions. Buying a home can be a hard-core choice that relies more on emotion and less on logic.  

For sellers, home staging is the key to display the home’s best assets to attract buyers and command the best price. You want to display your home in the best possible way so that the buyers can imagine themselves living there in the future. Thus, the best way to make the deal work would be to make your valuable possession appeal to all five senses.

When you want to buy a house in Corpus Christi, TX, real estate agents might tour a listing for you to inspect your asset before the final call. If you are selling your house on your own, you will need to show your home yourself. Either way, can you imagine selling your house for cash? Yes, you hear it right. The GrahamBelle Group is a real estate investment firm that helps to sell houses for cash. We buy houses in Corpus Christi that may be in the shabbiest condition. 

We’ll begin this guide with endless possibilities of staging your home, making it a show-stopping spectacle.

Read our tips to make your home appeal to the buyer:

  • 1) Clean the house

When buyers are going to visit your home, clean your house from top to bottom. From floors to ceilings, every nook and cranny must be clean to signal the buyers that you have taken good care of the property. House cleaning jobs can be tiresome, but you will have to keep the house in tip-top condition as long as you have not put the “SOLD” sign outside your property. If there is too much on your plate, you can delegate the job to a professional to relieve you from unwanted stress.

  • Declutter 

A messy house distracts buyers from the best features of your home. Don’t ruin your first impression by welcoming the buyer with stacks of papers and your possessions all around. A clutter-free home gives positive vibrations; clear all the table tops, counters, and other flat surfaces. If possible, enhance the beauty of your house further by decorating these surfaces with vases or flowers. 

It’s time to pack what you don’t need daily; games, papers, seasonal or outgrown clothes. Likewise, get rid of whatever you think you won’t need any longer.

  • Clean the walls and floors  

If you have children around, your walls are sure to have handprints. You may sometimes skip washing walls if you are doing the cleaning on your own. But the buyers won’t skip noticing the dirt and handprints. It’s better if you can paint the walls in warm neutral shades. Wallpapers or any other specific color may go against the buyer’s taste, making it hard for them to envision themselves in the house.

Leave the floors sparkling clean for your buyers; this is especially true if you have pets at home or if it has not been replaced for ages. If the thought of replacing the floor crosses your mind, go for hardwood floors. They are low-maintenance and add value to your home. Moreover, they appeal to almost every individual and alternatively can be covered with carpets.

If you have wall-to-wall carpets, the task can be a bit more tedious. You will have to steam clean them to get rid of any lingering odor or dirt. Another pro tip would be to vacuum in a single direction to signal good care.

  • Get rid of cobwebs

We don’t know how they gather so fast, but cobwebs and dust collect in no time on ceilings, fan blades, or any unused corner of the house.  While cleaning, check all the light fixtures to ensure that everything is up and running. Replace or repair any dead bugs in the fixtures.

  • Tuck chords away

We know that we are living in a techno-savvy world, where most homes are filled with gadgets. With the gadgets come the charging chords, which can be an eyesore for the buyers when they see them hanging all over your home. Stash all the extra charges that don’t need to be plugged in a drawer. The charger for TV or computer can be bundled together with cable twisters and tucked behind the desk, shelves, or sofa.

  • Additional cleaning tips

If you are not planning to buy new appliances in the kitchen, make sure the old ones are spotless. Every corner of the bathrooms should sparkle; check the tub corners, sink drain, or the spot behind the toilet. Even though you may think that certain areas may go unnoticed, make everything look brand new.

  • 2) Depersonalize and define rooms

The best way to stage your home is by making each room in the house have a defined purpose. It will let the buyer see how to maximize the square footage. Even if the buyers do not use the room for the same purpose, they can see that every inch of the home can be used for something. For instance, transform your basement into an entertainment room.

To encourage touch, drape powerful fabrics like velvet or silk over chair arms or sofa backs. Remove all your personal belongings like family photos, paintings, or any specific piece of art. Put away your clothes, toys, or any other personal belongings that hinder the buying from envisioning that this might be their future home.

  • 3) A warm welcome

So that now your home looks tidy and clean, open the doors to welcome the buyers. A gracious welcome is a surefire way to make the guests feel warm and not make them feel like intruders. A clear signal; “Buy my house”. 

Pay special attention to your front porch; clean and declutter it well. Replace the doormats for the front and back doors. Clean the sidewalk leading to the house. You can enhance it further with potted plants, flowers, or decorating the door with a wreath. Get rid of any weeds, prune the trees and mow the lawn. Ensure that your greenery is dust-free and healthy; dying plants can take the charm away.

If you have a swimming pool or water fountain, ensure that the water features are crystal clear. Create an outdoor living space with outdoor furniture in the backyard. A plush exterior may arouse the interest of the buyer in viewing the inside of your beloved home!

Turn on soft music, playing tunes that are suitable for the general audience.

The buyers may not be comfortable viewing the house in your presence. Go on a drive with your family, to let the buyer relax and evaluate the property. Show some more flexibility on your part, letting the buyers feel that they can take all the time they need. Leave a small thank you note, with some candy or treats on the table or near the door. Thank them for visiting your home.

  • 4) Adjust the temperature

The temperature in your home will set the mood right for the buyer. Do you want to paint a bad picture for your buyers and make them feel uncomfortable? A stuffy house on a hot day and a cold house on a cold day might get them wondering if the heating or cooling systems are non-functional. Stop worrying about the utility bill; you can turn off the AC or heater once the buyers leave.

For instance, if the air outside is warm and humid. The minute they step into your home with the air conditioning turned on, they will feel refreshed. That will give them the reason to linger a bit longer!

  • 5) Proper Lighting and fragrance

Illuminate your home, both inside and outside, to brighten up your home’s features. Turn on all the lights, lamps, closet lights, and porch lights. Open all the curtains and raise the blinds. Turn off the TV, as the sound and pictures can be distracting.

Be natural! Don’t use artificial scents; instead bake cookies, to let the fresh aroma allure buyers. Artificial odors like air fresheners can trigger asthma and allergic reactions in people sensitive to these smells. Open all the windows to get rid of the stale smell and fill your home with the breeze. Empty every trash can in your home to get rid of foul smell; the ones in the kitchen, bathroom, or kid’s room. Stinking trash can overpower all the other pleasant smells.

Wrapping up

Highlight all the extraordinary features of the home by striking a chord with the buyer’s five senses. Simple touch and gestures can add oomph to your heavenly abode. Sellers contact us, eagerly mentioning: “We wish to sell my house fast in corpus christi for cash.” If you wish to know about the real estate market in Corpus Christi before you make a choice, read here. With the best home showing tips, we will help you find a cash buyer for your house. So when you want to sell or buy a house in Corpus Christi, TX, you know where to go. Contact The Graham Bell Group right away!