Ownership of a home is not a cakewalk. From emotional attachments to financial issues, it can be a nightmare. Often, people buy a house in Corpus Christi Tx, and see it as a dream come true. Likewise, we see a lot of owners facing foreclosure on their dream houses.

And when owners receive the foreclosure mail, it can be devastating. For reasons several and unknown, you might have failed on multiple mortgage payments. The foreclosure mail is often perceived as the dead-end to one’s financial position. However, there is a way out and that is to sell your house during the pre-foreclosure period.

Before we delve into the owner’s request of “Please sell my house fast Corpus Christi”, here are some basics to know.

What is foreclosure?

In simple terms, foreclosure is when the lender assumes ownership of your home due to missed mortgage payments. When you fall behind on payments for a substantial time, you open the window for foreclosure. In this, you can either voluntarily give up ownership. Or you can own the house long enough to try and curb the payment default.

When does the foreclosure process start?

The initiation of a foreclosure process varies based on the state and the mortgage company. However, on average, 90 to 180 days from your first payment default is when foreclosure starts. 

You receive a ‘Notice of Default’ and this is an ideal time to reach out to your bank. They can assist in planning on how to clear your payments and maintain homeownership.

Also, remember that banks or other lenders do not want to undertake the foreclosure process. It consumes their time while also costing them a substantial amount in the legal process.

Meanwhile, if you default on subsequent payments too, then you receive a ‘Notice of Sale’. This is usually 90 days after your first default of payment. Later, your home is auctioned in which a buyer or your bank gains possession.

Selling a house during pre-foreclosure

Listing houses for sale in Corpus Christi when they are under a mortgage is not a stigma anymore. It is a customary practice used when owners face foreclosure.

And a resounding ‘YES’, you can sell your house during the time leading to foreclosure. This is known as a pre-closure period and is ideal to sell the house. Not only can you save your credit history, but you can also stand a chance of profiting from your home equity.

Steps to selling your house before foreclosure

  • Be early
  • Don’t wait till the announcement of the auction date to sell your house. You know your financial constraints well, so accept them and plan the sale of your house.

    Deciding early on selling the house gives you enough time to secure a fair deal. There are real estate companies that purchase houses for sale in Corpus Christi for cash. Finding them and negotiating a deal requires time and being early is always an advantage.

  • Estimate the house’s value
  • Knowing your house’s current value is important before moving on to selling it. Use online tools or contact a real estate company to get the best estimates. They are knowledgeable regarding the local real estate market and will provide you better insights.

  • Know your Owings
  • Hire a professional and account for every penny you owe to your lender. From defaulted mortgage payments to fees levied for late payments, every dollar needs to be counted. 

    Observe the notice sent by the lender to know the outstanding principal amount and interest. And consider additional costs like attorney charges accrued for your foreclosure process.

  • Factor in the selling fees 
  • You will have to shell dollars to sell your house. Fees for staging, real estate agent commission, moving costs are common charges. All these can mount up to a couple of hundreds of dollars. 

    Factor in all these fees and post consulting with a professional, you may get a fair idea of your house’s selling price. 

  • Sell quickly
  • Being quick in selling your house has numerous benefits. By selling early, you have sufficient time to plan your future housing finances. 

    Also, you are devoid of the fear of missing lenders’ deadlines and your house being auctioned. Selling quickly can also be of great advantage concerning your credit history.

    Selling a house quickly can be a whirlwind for homeowners. In such situations, there are chances of making mistakes. Read our article to avoid mistakes while selling your home.

    Under the prevailing market conditions, you are bound to sell your house for a profit. This must cover all your fees, mortgage payments, and keep you in good stead for your immediate future.


    These are four steps to sell your house before the bank catches onto the foreclosure dates. However, the pre-foreclosure period is a time of emotional turmoil and panic. During this period, planning and performing the aforesaid steps are not easy.

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